About us


SIMPLEX TECHNICAL SERVICE & SUPPLIES PTE LTD is experienced supplier of boilers and other industrial manufacturing equipment, established in 1982. The success of the company can be attributed to its efficiency, reliability, technical knowledge and an understanding of the customer’s requirements. We not only supply high quality boilers and other industrial manufacturing equipment but also install them to provide full ease to our customer. We are a team of experts who always seeks customer’s satisfaction by working quickly and cost effectively. Our experts are always there to assist you and to provide you full technical support. If you are not sure what you need just give us a call we are always ready to help you out. Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and save yourself time.

STSS is a market leader in the supplies and installation of boilers for the following areas:

  • Food Processing
  • Hotel Steam and Hot Water Applications
  • Hospitals and laboratories Sterilizers
  • Industrial Processing Heating
  • Laundries Steam Pressing & Ironing Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical Industries & Chemical Industries
  • Textiles and Garments Industries
  • University Research & Development Applications

We continue to maintain high standard of excellence that is not only recognized in Singapore but also in the regional region. SIMPLEX TECHNICAL SERVICES & SUPPLIES PTE LTD is the name you can always trust.



Our team of experts includes:

1.       Steven Tan – Technical Consultant

2.       Lincoln Tan – Marketing & Sales Manager

3.       Daniel Teo – Regional Manager